If GREEN is your scene, Evansville has been racking up the Green Community of the Year Awards for over a decade. "By 2050, Evansville will be a regional leader in addressing climate change and be a zero-waste community, powered by renewable energy, where all people have access to efficient transportation alternatives, public green spaces, clean air and water, and locally sourced fresh food." - ECAP vision. Let us count the ways with this list of practices and programs in support of our sustainable community. 

Complete Streets


Inclusive accessibility to our streets is a development priority serving all users, drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transportation riders making transportation networks safer and efficient for everyone. Complete Street designs address sidewalks, bicycle lanes, trails, bus lanes, public transportation stops, crosswalks, median islands, accessible pedestrian signals, curb extensions, modified vehicle travel lanes, streetscapes, and landscaping. 

Upgrade Bike Share


Cycling is a fun choice for engaging in active transportation. Being relatively inexpensive and healthy for you, cycling protects our environment by reducing your carbon footprint up to 1100 pounds per year with one trip a day! The Upgrade Bikeshare Program is Evansville owned and operated. We support six stations in Evansville and one in Henderson, KY. 

Bicycle Friendly Evansville Initiative


The ETC Bicycle Incentive Program features local shops and businesses that offer discounts and freebies for visiting them while riding your bike. Just show your helmet to get your perks. We celebrate our bicycle friendly businesses, and we hope you will too! 

It's Electric!


Kick range anxiety to the curb with the free PlugShare Trip Planner and get here green. Access free EV charging stations in our downtown public parking garages at Sycamore, Locust, and Third streets. There are seventeen stations around the city including Hyatt Place near Haynie's Corner, and an eight-station Tesla Supercharger on north 41 near the 64 interchange. Six Direct Current level 3 charging stations are coming to Evansville in 2022 and 2023 allowing electric vehicles to get a 150-mile range charge in just 15 minutes!

Fly EVV, We've Got You Covered.


This is big news! EVV, Evansville Regional Airport, provides passengers with the largest solar parking canopy installation in the Midwest and the second largest in the U.S., supplying 50% of the terminal's power! We soak up the sun, so your car doesn't have to.

Green Allies Initiative


We are so fortunate to have the largest tract of urban old-growth forest. Wesselman Woods is a 200 acre forest preserve with a nature center, educational programs, special events, and hiking trails. Conservation is cool. Our Green Allies Initiative is a six-week course that teaches businesses and residents how to become an ecocentric household or business.

Sixth and Zero


Walking the talk on Main Street is 6th+Zero. Zero waste, that is. Being kind to the planet means living more sustainably, and they can certainly show you how. Follow them to learn more about the proactive and creative ways they help teach the community how simple living waste-less can be. 

Emerald Design

gs_emerald_designTucked just behind Sixth and Zero, is this florist and gift shop where all things green are gathered. From full venue décor to a single boutonnière, Emerald Design will make your floral dreams come true. 

We want you to love visiting Evansville. We would love for you to stay and be a part of a mindful, greener community. Come grow with us, where more than the grass is greener! Solar panels are installed at city facilities including Swonder Ice Arena, C.K. Newsome Community Center, and Howell Wetlands Conservation Station. Two solar array projects have been completed. We capture methane during our wastewater treatment process, which is used to fuel generators providing electricity back to the facility. City streetlights and traffic signals are being converted to LEDs. The Wesselman Woods Nature Center is LEED Gold certified, and The Ford Center is LEED Silver certified.