For eclipse glasses and other valuable resources, scroll below to ensure the safe and enjoyable viewing of the eclipse!  You'll find guidelines on eclipse safety and other tips for observing this once-in-a-generation celestial event.

Eclipse Fever

On Monday April 8th, 2024, a Total Solar Eclipse will be visible in parts of North America, including Evansville, Indiana!

"E" is for Eastland Mall

We 💗 our community partners! The Eastland Mall invites Evansville Region’s Eclipse Project Manager, Amber Phillips, to share her eclipse experience so far on their podcast, “Short Cutts” with Sean Ferguson. Listen now!

Galaxy Girl

Evansville Living covered many amazing stories centered on the August 2017 solar eclipse that passed through our nearby neighbor, Hopkinsville, KY. You can imagine EL’s excitement to continue eclipse coverage now that it’s Evansville’s time to shine in the path of TOTALITY! Read more about our very…