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Annual Report

The year 2020 will live in infamy as the tourism industry and the rest of the world felt the impact of COVID-19. By mid-March, businesses were closed, travel plans canceled, and workers were either furloughed or sent home to continue working. We know that these figures from 2020 will tell a very different story of Evansville’s tourism economy than we’re used to, but we’re working tirelessly toward a post-COVID recovery so that we can see tourism thrive here again.

The Explore Evansville 2020 Annual Report is provided as a resource to the community to present insights into the economic impact tourism has on the Evansville region. The report shown below is also available as a download (PDF 8.6MB). Additionally, downloads of financials specific to the Evansville Sport Complex (PDF 228 KB) and Evansville Visitors Center (PDF 211 KB) are available as well.